5 Important Tips to Keep Carpets Clean


Sometimes, it may seem as if the family and pets are conspiring to ruin the home’s carpet. Between muddy footprints and unexpected spills, carpet takes a beating from everyday use—and it may seem impossible to keep it clean. Use these tips to keep the home’s carpets looking clean and great.

Choose the Correct Carpet for the Home

The gorgeous carpet at the flooring supply store may not stand up to the rigors of everyday use. When buying carpet, consider the level and type of traffic, the likelihood of spills, and the carpet’s maintenance requirements. Ask an expert for advice on choosing the right flooring, as they know what works in similar spaces.

Vacuum Regularly

Everyone has seen TV ads for high-powered vacuums, but some of these are so powerful they may damage carpet fibres. Determine the right type of vacuum cleaner for the home and its carpet, and use it at least once a week to keep the carpet clean.

Use Area Rugs in High-Traffic Areas

It’s easy to stop residue and stains at the door. Use a floor mat at each door to keep grime, dirt, and water off the carpet. In highly-trafficked areas like hallways, use area rugs to protect the flooring underneath.

Handle Stains Promptly

Householders shouldn’t wait to handle carpet stains. Clean it right away, and avoid scrubbing too hard as excess force can damage the carpet’s fibres. Blot stains with a moist cloth to remove spills and keep the carpet in good shape.

Schedule Regular Cleanings

Deep cleaning is an essential part of carpet maintenance. Not only does it help household members with allergies, a professional cleaning can keep the carpet looking new. Hired carpet cleaning tools may look as if it can offer the same results, but the cleaning is not as deep or as thorough. Carpet cleaning suppliers can give you advice to keep carpet looking clean and new.

While all carpets wear out over time, there are ways to keep them looking newer for longer. By following the tips given here, householders can get years of use and enjoyment out of the new carpet. For help finding the right carpet cleaning tools for the home, you can call on our team at Cleaning Systems Limited or visit us online at cleaningsystems.co.nz to see our full line of professional NZ carpet cleaning chemicals and supplies.


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