The Pros and Cons of Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Chemicals in NZ


There’s nothing like a thoroughly clean carpet to dress up a room. However, over time, carpets become stained and tired-looking. What’s the best way to clean the carpet? There are four ways to clean a carpet using different carpet cleaning chemicals in NZ.

1. Dry Foam or Rotary Carpet Shampooing

The cleaning agent produces a lot of foam that is mechanically worked into the carpet. After the carpet dries, vacuuming removes the dry foam and dirt.


Easy, fast and inexpensive
Excellent foam agitation is provided by the rotating brushes of the shampooer, one of the common carpet cleaning tools in NZ
The carpet usually dries quickly


Soil is only extracted from the carpet’s upper surface
High temperatures are not achieved
Carpet can get too wet
Rotary shampooing can damage the carpet and isn’t recommended by most carpet manufacturers

2. Dry Cleaning with Absorbent Cleaners

A dry absorbent compound is sprinkled or worked into the carpet mechanically to attract and absorb dirt. The carpet must be thoroughly vacuumed to remove the chemical.


Very easy
Dries very quickly


White powder builds up
This can cause a dusty home

3. Bonnet or Absorbent Pad Cleaning

For light cleaning, a chemical solution is applied after vacuuming. After the dwell time, an absorbent pad is attached to a rotary floor cleaner, sending the dirt-attracting chemicals into the carpet.


Quick, easy, and inexpensive
Good for light cleaning


Only cleans the upper third of carpet fibers
Cannot deep clean

4. The Most Widely-Used and Best Method: Steam Cleaning or Hot Water Extraction

Soil and oil-based contaminants are liquefied with a pre-conditioner. Water is injected into the carpet at a temperature close to the boiling point. In 10-15 minutes, the carpet is vacuumed.


Soil is removed from deep within the carpet
Allows the use of the most effective carpet and upholstery cleaning chemicals in NZ
Recommended by carpet cleaning experts and carpet manufacturers


Drying time can be longer
Performed professionally with powerful equipment
More costly
For deep cleaning, steam cleaning is best. The other methods work for light cleaning, but should never be the only carpet or upholstery cleaning methods used. A thoroughly cleaned carpet will not only enhance the beauty of the home but remain beautiful much longer.

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